2015 Content Marketing Behind the Numbers [Original Infographic]

Nothing says ‘welcome to the weekend’ quite like a nice, informative infographic. If your small business hasn’t yet launched a content marketing strategy – or you feel like the strategy you’re currently using isn’t as effective as it could be – now’s the time to be proactive. I’ve designed a helpful and concise infographic to show you some relevant industry[…]

5 Interview Questions You Need to Ask Recent College Grads Before Extending a Job Offer

As a business owner, recruiter, or hiring manager, you’ve probably encountered a dilemma regarding whether or not to interview and/or hire recent college graduates. They’re an anomaly. While they’re typically cheaper than other options, that discounted price tag comes with one major downside: a lack of workplace experience. Pros and Cons of Hiring Recent Grads[…]

A Vacationing Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running Your Business from Your Smartphone

In early 2014, a fundamental shift occurred in the American business landscape. For the first time ever, internet usage on mobile devices exceeded desktop computer usage. While it was inevitably bound to happen sooner or later, it was a monumental moment nonetheless. Over the past four-plus years, smartphone usage is up 394 percent, tablet usage has increased[…]